Mindfulness Training and Consulting

I provide individual mindfulness coaching, consulting services, as well as customized trainings and “unworkshops” to organizations on mindfulness and related topics. I particularly enjoy working with organizations in the fields of mental health, health care, and education.  Why “UNworkshop”?  Simply put, “workshop” implies “work” which implies Doing — an “UNworkshop” (which I design and deliver true to the term) aligns with the non-doing aspect of mindfulness, which involves an “UNdoing” of habitual ways of thinking and doing, towards a more skillful and compassionate way of “Being” with one’s experiences and within relationships. The focus is on helping participants experience an embodied and experiential understanding of the learnings and not simply a conceptual understanding.  Regardless of the topic, unworkshops are always highly experiential and interactive, integrate various mindfulness practices including relational and reflective practices, and tailored to address your specific needs.

Past unworkshops include:

  • Introduction to mindfulness
  • Mindfulness for anxiety and depression
  • Trauma-informed/trauma-sensitive mindfulness
  • Foundational Attitudes of mindfulness
  • Exploring intentionality in mindful living
  • Cultivating a sustainable daily practice
  • Cultivating space for authenticity in the workplace
  • Introduction to mindfulness for parents
  • Mindfulness for mental health professionals
  • Mindfulness for Educators
  • Preventing burnout and compassion fatigue
  • Mindful yoga and meditation classes for school staff
  • Mindfulness unworkshops for children, youth and families
  • Teen yoga and mindfulness meditation classes
  • Family yoga/wellness evening

These are simply ideas – unworkshops are always customized to address your needs.

My approach

Whether working with an individual or organizational/community client, I like to have an initial phone conversation or in-person meeting to conduct a needs assessment in order to ensure that the training/workshop components will adequately meet your team/organization’s needs.  As clinical psychologists, we are trained as evidence-based practitioners and systems thinkers.  My philosophy is to help individuals and organizations to cultivate a mindfulness framework to the work that they are already doing, to help them find their own entry point and meet them where they are, and to support the development of a sustainable mindful culture that builds on existing successes and strengths.  My intention is always to help people connect with their innate wisdom and to draw desired solutions from within.  I strive to create a space that allows for authentic and meaningful connection, felt experiential shifts, and reflective dialogue, in order to empower and help individuals experience the relevance of mindfulness and cultivate the changes they desire in a sustainable way.

Some of my past organizational clients include:

  • Youth Speak: Customized Mindfulness training for youth mental health speakers
  • York Region District School Board (Research Services): Customized 4-day training on “Cultivating a Mindful and Compassionate Team Culture”
  • Full day workshop on “Mindfulness for Anxiety” for a group of dressage equestrian trainers (private client)
  • Kortright Centre for Conservation: customized mindfulness in nature programs
  • Durham District School Board: 2-day mindfulness intensive training for psychologists and social workers, and Refresher half-day workshop
  • Simcoe County District School Board:
    • 2-day mindfulness intensive training for social workers
    • 2-day mindfulness intensive training for child and youth counsellors
  • TMS School: Mindfulness Unworkshop for educators
  • Toronto District School Board:
    • High Park Alternative School: Mindfulness for Educators workshop
    • JB Tyrell Senior PS: Mindfulness and yoga session for staff
    • Sir Samuel B. Steele Jr PS: Introduction to mindfulness for educators
    • Sir Samuel B. Steele Jr PS: Yoga and meditation session for staff
  • York Region District School Board:
    • Charlton PS: Mindful Parents, Resilient Children
    • Central Park PS: Mindfulness for families workshops as part of Family Wellness Night
  • York Catholic District School Board:
    • Introduction to Mindfulness meditation session for educational assistants, as part of Wellness Day (Board office)
    • Mindfulness Unworkshop for educators, as part of Mental Health Symposium (Board office)
    • Mindfulness Unworkshop for Professional Support Staff (Board office)
    • Holy Spirit CS: Mindfulness and mental health unworkshop for Parents
    • St. Justin Martyr CES: Introduction to mindfulness and its applications in education
    • St. John XXIII CES: Mindfulness Introductory Unworkshop for Staff
    • St. Francis Xavier CES: Family wellness night (family yoga and mindfulness sessions for children and parents)
    • St. Francis Xavier CES: Mindful yoga workshop for educators

If you are interested in individual mindfulness coaching or a training for your organization, please feel free to contact me to further discuss your needs and how we can work together!