#1 My favourite day


Welcome to my very first blog post of my blog My favourite day: Wonderings on the journey of mindful living.  Thank you for visiting and reading!

My favourite day…a wonderful reminder from our dear pal, Winnie the Pooh.  Because every day is his favourite day 🙂  It seemed quite fitting for me to name my blog after this favourite quote and cartoon of mine!

On this blog, I hope to share with you some of my own insights and wonderings on this path to support and inspire us in this wonderful and adventurous journey (not without its bumpy roads) towards mindful living.  Mindfulness has been such a blessing for me in my personal life and in the work I do.  I feel deeply grateful each day for the many ways that my practice supports me to remember (the English translation of the Pali word from which the word mindfulness is derived).  So that each day truly feels like “my favourite day”…it’s so hard to choose!

I hope you enjoy my “wonderings” and please feel free to leave a comment on how this practice supports and inspires you.  I wish you continued remembering’s and thank you for travelling alongside in this adventure 🙂


3 thoughts on “#1 My favourite day

  1. Steve

    Hello Ameeta! 🙂 I’m happy to hear that you are following your passion for mindfulness in your professional work. I appreciate your reflection. And using Pooh and Piglet’s wisdom to teach it. Peace.
    Victoria, BC


  2. Naiyna Sharma

    Phenomenal. The community can truly benefit to have an additional practitioner among us to support us in our path towards healing, learning, growth, and self empowerment. Thank you for your commitment and dedication towards continuing the dialogue on mental health and mindfulness.


  3. I love everything you write Ameeta! You’re always full of inspiring words and thoughts. And, I love that we share the same passion i.e. today is my favourite wonderful day! Thanks for creating this and sharing the inspiration to live more fully, more mindfully and to seek what matters in your life!


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