#10 Conversations On Mindful Living Podcast – Episode 1

Happy International Women’s Day, friends!  I thought we could take a moment to reflect on a woman who inspires you and the ways in which she does. Please feel free to share below if you wish!

It’s fitting for me on this special day to publish my first interview/episode of the Conversations on Mindful Living podcast, with a very special and inspirational woman in my life – Karen Davis.

Karen is a retired educator and a mindfulness/mindful self-compassion teacher, who lives in Muskoka, Ontario. Some of you know Karen Davis as we have had the good fortune of teaching mindfulness workshops together and co-facilitating the Mindful Living weekend retreats together!

I have learned so much from Karen (about mindfulness and many other things in life), and continue to! I am so blessed to have her in my life – she is a most beautiful and kind human being, and a dear mentor, who I met through Mindfulness Everyday in 2016. I recorded this interview on her recent visit to Victoria.

I deeply enjoyed my conversation with Karen to explore mindful living with her, and learned so much!  I am constantly inspired by Karen and very grateful to her for her support, her wisdom, her gentleness, and her deep compassion for all living things.

I hope you enjoy my interview with Karen, and please feel free to share your thoughts and comments below!

Here’s my conversation with Karen:

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